Safe Spacer Supplied by Emtec

Keep people safe and workplaces open

In April 2020 Emtec needed a solution to help people get back to work. That's why we decided to partner with IK Multimedia's decades of expertise in electronic and wireless product development in the creation of the SAFE SPACER - an innovative social distancing monitor that is helping businesses to create a Covid secure workplace.

Safe Spacer is a new lightweight wearable device that helps maintain social distancing in the workplace by alerting wearers when other units come within 2 m or 6 feet.

It offers selectable light vibration and sound alerts to adapt to any work environment and can also log contacts for fast tracing in case of a reported exposure.

Safe Spacer uses cutting edge Ultra Wideband to achieve precise distance up to 10 times more accurate than traditional Bluetooth.

Its compact design means Safe Spacer can be worn on a wristband, belt or lanyard ensuring it works in the widest range of applications.

Each Safe Spacer can be charged individually, or the optional S-Charger docking/charging stations allow up to 25 Safe Spacers to charge simultaneously. Three S-Chargers can be chained together, allowing you to charge up to 75 at a time. The S-Charger can also be connected to a computer to easily configure multiple units, customising alert distances and types.

Safe Spacer is waterproof and therefore easy to clean and sanitise. It's ideal for multi shift facilities or offices, hotels, museums etc that are open to the public and visitors.

Safe Spacer makes it easy to monitor compliance and log collisions for contact tracing allowing virtually any organisation to check compliance, identify problem areas and keep employees and visitors safe.

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Helping to Maintain Social Distancing

Safe Spacer is a wearable device that helps users maintain safe social distance, alerting wearers when other units come within 2 m / 6 feet * with light, vibration and sound.

* Distance and alarm thresholds are configurable via free software app

Distance Monitoring Made Easy

Wearable on a wristband, belt, lanyard or keychain


Uses cutting edge Ultra-wideband technology


Doesn't require any IT infrastructure


Private and secure - can be used anonymously


Safe Spacer on Lanyard
Supports wireless / wired data monitoring


IP 67 waterproof and easy to clean or sterilize


Future-proof design offers additional uses post-COVID



To learn more about using safe spacer in your organisation, please contact us.

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Competitive Edge

  • Highly precise measurement (10 cm resolution)
  • Miniaturized and comfortable to use
  • Attractive industrial design
  • Patent-pending infrastructure-less operation
  • Patent-pending ultra-efficient battery management
  • Included software for data download/monitoring
  • Access point and docking station available
  • FCC, IC, CE RED certified
  • Made in Italy

More Ways to Wear It

so people actually will

Lanyard or Keychain
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Wristband (regular or XL)
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Belt Loop
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Complete Range

Data Download and Charging

S-Charger : Docking/Charging Station

25-unit station for wired data download and recharging

S-Bridge : Access Point

Ultra-wideband access point for wireless data download

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Enhanced Software Features

Safe Spacer Mac/PC App

  • Associate Safe Spacer IDs with employees
  • Get statistical data on safety compliance
  • Set custom distance and alert thresholds
  • Configure the alarms
  • Monitor the battery status and more.

From 10 to 10,000 People

Small organizations

Used just as a social distance alarm, Safe Spacer works out of the box.

Medium organizations

For medium organizations, software allows devices to connect to a computer and log contacts.

Large organizations

Safe Spacer can be easily customized and integrated into any enterprise cloud-based software thanks to the data/communication tools provided.

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