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Safe Spacer is a lightweight wearable device that helps workers and visitors maintain safe social distancing , enabling factories, offices, museums, hotels and other workplaces and public spaces to operate with peace of mind. When operated with other protective measures it reduces the possibility of person-to-person infection.

Safe Spacer precisely detects when other Safe Spacer units come within 2m, alerting wearers with a choice of visual, vibrating or audio alarm. Using ultra-wideband technology, Safe Spacer offers accuracy up to 10 times better than Bluetooth, and also gives users the option to store “collision” data to monitor compliance or perform fast contact tracing.

Users can choose from a range of lanyard, wristband, and belt loop options to adapt to any workplace without compromising existing safety protocols.

To help organisations manage multiple devices, optional S-Charger docking/charging stations allow up to 25 Safe Spacers to bulk charging simultaneously. Three S-Chargers can be chained together, allowing you to charge up to 75 at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Safe Spacer wearable social distancing devices be part of our workplace operation? 

The Safe Spacer device provides an extra layer of security and confidence for employers and employees alike. As part of a business’ protocols for safe working and navigating social distancing regulations, the Safe Spacer is invaluable. The device will alert users to maintain a safe 2-meter social distance and hence minimise risk of infection and transmissions of diseases in the workplace. 

Will Safe Spacer ensure users stay 2 metres apart and how will I know? 

Using ultra-wideband (UWB) frequency, a highly accurate radio frequency,  it detects distance between devices. The device will alert users whenever they start breaching the 2-metre regulation through a combination of sound, vibration, and light signals. When two or more devices come into contact. As well as alerting the user, the dashboard allows the employer to monitor breaches.  

Is it hard to set up? 

No set up is required. The Safe Spacer is out of the box ready to use. Simply turn the device on and it will start to alert users to socially distance.

What is the battery life? How can I charge them? 

The Safe Spacer has a battery life of up to 20hours, making it ideal for long shifts. The Safe Spacer can be charged individually through a micro-USB cable. Alternatively, we also provide S-Chargers which can be mounted on the wall and can charge up to 25 devices (see here

Can they be sanitised? 

Yes, the devices are waterproof and easy to sanitise. Simply wipe the device down with sanitiser after each use. It is ideal for multi shift facilities or offices, hotels, museums etc that are open to the public and visitors. 

Can they be configured to my specific needs?

Whilst the device is pre-configured at 2-metres,  this can be changed by our team (to 1-metre – 0,5-metres) when safety rules change or if there are specific groups who need to work together. Safe Spacers will also comply to “bubble” systems.  If small groups of people need to work closely on a task together. We can configure several devices to be in a “bubble”, these devices will only alert and trace when they are in contact with devices from outside the designated bubble. Users are also able to change the level of alert they receive. Users can choose between high/medium/low volume settings or select vibration only. This can also be disabled if the employer wants to ensure that alerts are not ignored.

Will the device interfere with any existing machinery or systems? 

The Safe Spacer uses short distance UWB signals (ultra-wideband) so is no more likely to affect machinery/equipment than a mobile phone would. 

We advise not to use the Safe Spacer near medical equipment (i.e life support equipment), again this would be on the same guidelines as when using a mobile phone. 

About SafeSpacer

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