The WorkSafe Safe Spacer is a lightweight, wearable social distancing device that is helping businesses to get back to work safely.

The device, worn on the wrist, on a belt loop or on a lanyard around the neck, helps people to maintain maintain a safe social distance and provides businesses of all shapes and sizes with peace of mind that they are operating in a Covid secure manner. 

We have a number of options available to businesses wishing to benefit from the Safe Spacer.

The device can be trialled – perfect for businesses who want to try out the device before they buy. 

The device can be rented – perfect for events such as conferences, sports fixtures and concerts. The rental option is ideal for ‘one off’ or time limited events. 

The device can be purchased – perfect for businesses who want and need to monitor social distancing as an ongoing tool in the fight against Covid. 

These options have been created with our clients in mind we want to ensure we are offering as flexible a solution as possible in these ever-changing times.

Please click here for  more information about each of the options and if you have any queries please do contact us.